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    How Available are you to Yourself?

    How Available are you to Yourself?


    When you consider all the time you spend giving to others you would be amazed at how much it would all would add up to.

    We don’t put a value on this time that we give out because often they are acts of love for family, friends, partners in life and business.


    It’s part of who we are.


    We were raised by your parents to not be selfish? We were rewarded for being a person who is giving, contributing, collaborating and sharing.

    We were encouraged to say yes, mostly all the time. “Be a helper”…. positive attributes for life, both personal and professional.

    Often we are identified by the trait of giving and caring… being available to others.

    They are very favourable attributes to have . Yes, of course they are.


    But ask yourself,

    “How available am I to myself”?


    That’s right, while we turn up and give to others are we returning the favour to ourselves?

    How often do you set a time to spend with you in an activity just for you? Or, spending time actively doing, ….nothing much at all!

    Making time for yourself is so important for your  physical, emotional and mental health. An activity that is just for you , something that really brings you joy that you can step away from the everyday.


    People are ‘burning out’ and feeling over ‘done’ as

    we continue to give out and not replenish our own stores of energy.


    Saying Yes to everything is exhausting and can eventually take a toll. Giving your time to others is what we do, and that’s great but strike the right balance.

    Make a regular schedule for an appointment with yourself.

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