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    New Year! 2020 Holiday updates…..

    New Year! 2020 Holiday updates…..

    My eyes are just open after that long haul flight from Europe but it is always good to get home. A month away from most responsibilities is so liberating. No emails to attend to ( which is why you might have not received a reply from any correspondence), no commitments to turn up for and all the routines we surround ourselves with are placed on hold. Quite liberating.

    Holidaying in Spain with my Sister and Mother has been fantastic but holidays have to end eventually but I do hope that I can maintain the lightness and freedom that ‘downtime’ brings. So one of the things that I am going to try and do this year is to keep the freedom of that holiday experience as I glide back into the working year.


    How can we keep that holiday feeling?

    I think that this will be different for each of us as we all do things differently but the main theme is to minimise stress, tension and anxiety.

    My selfcare regime is  ‘front and centre’ and I always find time to do things for myself which includes my daily Yoga practice ( this can be a physical practice and /or a meditative practice)… I always find time above everything else for my Yoga Nidra (non negotiable). So I feel I have this under control and I need to work on parts of my life that take away that ‘holiday freedom’

    I get tangled and overwhelmed when I don’t plan things in logical systematic ways and this means doing things randomly and at the last minute. Ahhhh!

    To keep that holiday freedom for me moving forward I think the best approach is to:


    1. Make my list of tasks “to do” for business and personal either daily or weekly and then systematically tick them off.
    2. Ensure that the most important tasks  (often the most challenging… or most disliked) are not left until the last minute…. I do this all the time! I leave all the yucky things to the last! Bad move!
    3. Spend a little time each day on the ‘to do’ list rather than having one huge day doing too much.

    This is a simple strategy ( not a new one) that I know will work for me given I know my usual way of working! But you may have other things in your life that prevent you from feeling light and in the holiday mode a little longer. Have a think about your own patterns and ways of operating and then make a plan and strategy to turn it around.


    So what brings you Joy?

    Included around the working year it is important to remember the things that bring you joy and happiness. What do you love to do and how can you do more? During holiday times we  are more sociable and interacting with friends, going out to shows and concerts and all manner of outdoor activities. Perhaps we can keep these things going into the working year too.

    Cathy Young, our Yoga teacher on Monday Mornings always fills her yearly calendar with ‘fun things’ and ‘loved things’ to do throughout the year. She plans these events well ahead of time so there is always something to look forward to.  I think this is a great way to make a positive committment to yourself care and means that you fill your year with Joyful events.


    Plan for the Happy events and not just the mundane.

    So, just like Cathy we can all make a plan and add to the ‘to do’ list by remembering to include joy and happiness to your life. Plan for it!

    Welcome to the new Decade and 2020!

    Join me in making a plan for lifting up and filling up with all the things that make you feel light, free and on a permanent holiday!

    Namaste dear friends.








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