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In Sanskrit (the ancient language of India) the word yoga means “union”.  Ha =  Sun and Tha = Moon and in Hatha Yoga the aim is  to unite the body, mind and spirit, and creating balance in all “aspects” of one’s life. There are many different types of yoga. However, in the West what is commonly practiced and referred to as yoga is actually “Hatha” yoga.

Typically a Hatha yoga class will comprise Physical postures (Asanas) to develop strength and flexibility as well as Breathing Practices ( Pranayama) which help to strengthen our lungs and move us towards better health and wellbeing.  In addition various meditation and relaxation techniques are offered  to assist in our busy lives to minimise stress and anxiety.

Yoga is for all ages, levels of ability and for Men and Women.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Classes: Classical asanas and pranayama for 1 hr plus 15 min deep relaxation/meditation


* An optional talk on yoga philosophy takes place for 15 minutes prior to Fri 10am classes.

For more information about yoga, read our Hatha Yoga Frequently Asked Questions.

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Kuring-gai Yoga is an essential part of my life, and has been now for almost ten years. Liz and her group of committed teachers provide thoughtful, perfectly paced classes that take me out of the everyday and into a space of restoration for my body, mind and spirit. I always leave my class feeling renewed and energised.

– Carmel D. Pymble


I have been going to Ku-ring-gai Yoga classes for over a year now. For me it’s a chance to escape from everything going on and focus on myself for an hour once a week. Liz is fantastic at changing up the classes and making everyone comfortable to push as far as they personally need to. Liz sets the tone for a space that is accepting, warm and welcoming. I always walk out feeling relaxed, energised and ready to tackle anything that comes my way… (tomorrow).

– Tracy, Pymble


It is difficult to sum up everything I have learnt, but suffice to say the benefits to my wellness, posture and energy levels are invaluable. Proper alignment, correct muscle & bone involvement and controlled breathing with the mind-body connection have been ingrained into me by the knowledgeable and caring teachers at this school. Highly recommend Liz and Kuringai Yoga School for anyone looking for an authentic Yoga education or a complete balanced practice. The relaxed atmosphere and encouragement provided to ask questions and develop understanding of concepts will appeal to newbies or experienced alike. 

– Shilpa, Pymble


Not just physical, the classes are a ‘whole’ experience, conducive to the health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

— MS, St. Ives


After many years of illness and diagnosis of a chronic condition, the classes restored my confidence and quite literally given my body back to me!

— SL, Pymble

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