Kuring-gai Kids


8th  July 10am – 12pm  Cost $25

10th July 10am – 12pm  Cost $25

Please register twice to attend both sessions.

Ages: 6-12

Most Benefits will be gained by attendance of both days.


We have teamed with specialist Teacher of Yoga for Children, Deirdre Gomez for these sessions held during the first week of the School Holidays.

Deirdre along with her IYTA Yoga Teacher Qualifications and her Specialist Training in Yoga for Kids and Mindfulness is a Registered nurse…….

This is a great opportunity to help your children become happier, grounded and less anxious.

What a wonderful way to begin the vacation!

What is covered in Kuring-gai kids school holiday yoga workshop?

Educational themes/ class focus

Day 1 : Digestion

  • Healthy digestion- (A common reasons kids are attending yoga with increased digestive issues)
  • Function of digestion- taking in nutrients, nourishment for the body, letting go of waste products
  • Fun Exercises and  activities with the focus on improving digestion, blood flow, and energy levels.
  • Great for igniting that fire in the belly.

Day 2: Breath /Lungs 

  • As Anxiety is increasing in our society and  children specifically,  learning how to breath is a very useful skill.
  • Exploring the breath, observing its qualities, noticing the effects of various techniques on the body and mind and identify when you need to use breath as a tool.
  • We include belly breathing – sitting a rubber duck on the belly and noticing how it moves as the belly expands,
  • Function of the lungs – exhaling, getting rid of carbon dioxide and
  • Exploring the theme -taking in what is good, letting go of what no longer serves us.
Kids Yoga

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga improves balance, strength, endurance and aerobic/breathing capacity.

Offers psychological benefits with mindfulness practices, so very helpful for reducing stress and anxiety

Can help the symptoms of ADHD which includes improvements in attentiveness, hyperactivity, concentration and focus on tasks, which can flow over into improved school achievements.

Yoga provides kids with connections with their peers in a non competitive environment and development of cooperative play, acceptance and compassion for others.

Yoga builds self confidence and acceptance of themselves.

Yoga for kids is a fun activity that is able to cross the divide of physical practice and cognitive practices.


What can your child expect to gain from these classes?

Effective breathing to improve energy levels, access ‘rest and digest’ system

Practice grounding the body, turning down the mind by connecting with the body, mindful movement

Reduce anxiety1 in 4 kids in Australia are at risk of anxiety

Kids yoga workshop provides the child with a ‘tool kit’ for life

Learn essential life skills

Build emotional and physical strength and flexibility

Learn skills to self-regulate

Experience relaxation

Interactive and supportive environment promoting social connections