Cultivating Lightness is a concept in yoga and an approach that can provide an ease and softness in the whole body, and beyond.

During my Yoga classes I frequently theme the session or the meditation to follow on this theme of Lightness.

Lightness is a quality that relates to all levels of the human experience and in so many domains of our lives.

Consider the following:

Body Lightness:  not to be confused with the weight of our body.

Mind Lightness – The weight of our thoughts

Emotional Lightness – Feelings

Relationship /Interpersonal Lightness – the way we feel and interact with others.

Environmental Lightness – the stuff around us

In Yoga we become fine tuned and  aware of ourselves and our perspective on  how we view ourselves in the world.

Are we optimistic : Light

Are we Pessimistic : Heavy or Dull

Body Lightness

Can we move today with lightness ?  eg., touch the ground gently as you walk, lengthen the spine and relax the shoulders. When seated are you drooping or slumping forward ? Can you Lift with a gentle and slow breath IN.

Let us use the cushioning (synovial fluid) between each vertebra to assist in us staying Light.

Light Mind

Pay attention to your thoughts too! Are you cultivating a mindset of ease, joy, positive self talk and move away from self-criticism and judgments. Lighten your thoughts…

” I can do this”, I am not weighed down with negative views”, “I say yes to lightness, to positivity” …….even if there is pain!

Lightness in your Heart

Soften your gaze and look out at the world with an attitude of acceptance. Soften your face, relax your jaw and throat. Laugh out loud!

Laughing and smiling opens the brain stem and allows improved functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

Body, Mind, Soul => Lightness!

Remember, Lightness creates space as we take our smile inwards.

So, sit down now…. take your awareness to your body on the seat or lying on the yoga mat and take a slow, long and mindful breath IN ….

and cultivate a sense of lightness and you let go of the breath OUT!