Join our classes. Enjoy the benefit of connecting to yourself and others in our safe, fun, inclusive and friendly community.

Friday 10am class includes a 10 minute Yoga Philosophy informal Chat and discussion before the session begins. Arrive at 9:45. No additional charge.

New to Yoga? Take advantage of our introductory offer:

5 Class Intro Offer
Term 1: January 31st – April 9th 10 week Term
Term 2: April 25th – July 2nd 10 week Term
Term 3: July 18th – September 24th 10 week Term
Term 4: October 10th – December 17th 10 week Term^

* Current Term. We teach on a  10 week term basis.

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For class bookings, phone: 0426 21 26 22 or Book Online

Before Attending Our Sessions

We are a Covid-19 Registered Safe Business and are taking precautions for everyone’s safety. Please wear your face mask in common shared space such as foyer, bathrooms and Lounge areas.

All our teachers are Double Vaccinated. We would prefer our students to be Vaccinated if possible.

Remember too your personal safety and inform your teacher if you have any injuries, special concerns or needs.

Attending Sessions

Please remember to:


  • If possible provide evidence of Vaccination Status: digital or otherwise.
  • Sanitise hands and wear a face mask common areas such as foyet, bathrooms and lounge areas.
  • Wear masks in Yoga class is optional at this time.
  • Bring your own Yoga mat and equipment
  • Bring your own Blanket
  • Please arrive as much as possible ahead of or, on time
  • Place your Yoga mats onto designated areas only
  • Be mindful of social spacing distance: 1.5 metres
  • Do not attend class if unwell. We can reschedule your missed class.


We have a range of yoga classes to suit everyone.

    • Hatha Yoga Class

      Hatha Yoga Class

      Hatha Yoga focuses on Body, Mind and Breath to create balance in your whole being.

    • Mindfulness Meditation Class

      Mindfulness Meditation Class

      The aim is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to help you on your meditation and mindfulness home practice journey.

    • Gentle Slow Yoga

      Gentle Slow Yoga

      These classes will provide you with stillness and a profound sense of calm and clarity, ready for the weekend.