Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga focuses on Body, Mind and Breath to create balance in your whole being.

Hatha Yoga is a classic style that involves the incorporation of Breathing practices (Pranayama) to help strengthen lungs and build general health, Physical Body Postures (Asana) that assist in building strength, flexibility and coordination in the body and move us towards better health and wellbeing, Additionally various meditation and relaxation techniques are offered to assist in our busy lives to minimise stress and anxiety. Each Yoga class is taken with a mindful meditative focus.

  • Yoga is for all ages, levels of ability and for Men and Women.
  • Consistent practice will enhance your general health and wellbeing.
  • Yoga helps develop awareness of triggers for holding stress and anxiety.
  • Covid-19 Safe.
  • 1 hour + 15min deep relaxation/meditation.
  • Next Class: Monday at 8:45 am
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Learn why is it worth it

How Hatha Yoga Helps

Hatha yoga is the physical aspect of yoga. A hatha yoga class will usually incorporate the practice of physical postures (asana’s) to develop strength and flexibility as well as various breathing practices (pranayama), meditation and relaxation techniques.

Why is it called "Hatha Yoga"?

In Sanskrit (the ancient language of India) the word yoga means “union”.

Ha = Sun and Tha = Moon

In Hatha Yoga the aim is to unite the body, mind and spirit, and creating balance in all “aspects” of one’s life. There are many different types of yoga. However, in the West what is commonly practiced and referred to as yoga is actually “Hatha” yoga.

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