We have to nourish our insight into impermanence everyday. If we do, we live more deeply, suffer less, and enjoy life much more – Thich Nhat Hahn

A theme for a Yoga Nidra practice that I delivered recently was focusing on Impermanence and how life is fast and fleeting and change part of our world. Often change is resisted and viewed as a negative force that only brings unhappiness. This might be true for some, but  perhaps transformations are a result of change and can deliver wonderful surprises.

So, my thinking for the Yoga Nidra conversation with my students went something like this:

Our lives are impermanent- we have a short time in which to embrace life, to live with joy and with purpose.

There is no time to waste on unuseful thoughts,


Self doubts

Today, lets uplift our thoughts and

focus on our strengths

Embrace our humanness to love

Starting with ourselves.

We are not perfect – but we are content and grateful for this day.

Today, lets welcome the unknown as a gift

in the present moment.

So now, as we settle into the quiet moments

What are you thinking about?

Lets not reflect on what we have done so far

Lets not think about what is yet to come

Reside HERE, Right now.

In the quiet moments pay attention to your thoughts

Breath in – Fill up with happiness, Joy, Space

Breath out – Release any depleting thoughts of Heaviness, weakness, saddness.

Pay affectionate attention to the present moment.