As we go about our ‘day to day’ activities: work, play, home etc isn’t it usually the  way that we do things automatically and operate on ‘auto pilot’?

I guess that is quite normal especially as we do the same things over and over again we get caught up in the habitual mindlessness and tasks become mundane.

That’s when we get bored , unsettled and start striving and searching for something more from our lives: we are not content.

Samtosa  (santosha) – Contentment, Serenity, Satisfaction

In the Yoga Sutra’s,  a profound ancient Yoga Text written by Patanjali,  the wonderful threads (sutra) of wisdom tell us that we can avoid suffering by cultivating a positive attitude and way of thinking that gives us the strength to accept and view our lives with serene satisfaction.

I find it useful to maintain my curiosity when ‘doing’ tasks that I find boring and mundane and perhaps modify the habitual way of approaching the job at hand. Like changing the tried and true recipe…. if it does not work out the same way then at least you have had a different experience.

Learning to observe things as you do them and even make things a mindfulness opportunity also might work….. time just disappears and then the tedious job is over. Change the way you feel about things, flip it around and discover the new perspective. The view might be better!

But more importantly, let’s consider observing the way we feel about ourselves. How content are you with who you are? What is weighing you down and creating discontent? How can you flip things around so you are feeling satisfied and serene? What are you thinking about? Observe yourself for your Serenity levels.

We have work to do! All of us as we dip in and out of the fluctuations of life and the mind.

I don’t know too much….

but what I do know is that Yoga helps.

Learning to Breath.

Learning to Observe yourself and your reactions to life.

Learning to become still with Mindful practices.

Learning to Meditate and find a peacefulness in every single day!

Learning to accept yourself for everything that you are.

Learning to live life with a curious child like view of the world……..

Lets keep adding to this list……