I was listening to a Sydney radio presenter yesterday who invited his listeners to call in and explain what kind of  inner Conversations they had.

Some callers rang in and said that they are always having conversations with themselves inside their own heads and others said they didn’t. Some people mentioned they had conversations with themselves in other languages too, which of course would be quite likely…. even if you are an English speaker. It is quite an interesting topic.

There were people who mentioned that the inner voices, the inner dialogue was annoying and never ending which of course can be a real concern.

Anyone who has or does practice meditation will know that it is the Chatter of the mind that is often so challenging to quieten so that you can tune into the wise and intuitive mind.

As an exercise in itself, becoming an ‘observer’ of your thoughts and objectively watching  them can provide you with information about your habitual over thinking…The types of thoughts that might start to become obsessive and therefore compromise  inner peace. It is very likely that over time we simply continue outdated ways of thinking about our situation and life’s events in general and then we feel powerless to make positive changes. But it is possible.

Our Yoga and Meditation practices suggest that once we recognise these thoughts and patterns we might be able to change them by  re- framing the dialogues of self limiting beliefs to conversations  that inspire us.  The first step is to recognise, accept and then let these old habits GO!

Consider these Affirmations as potential tools to help.

“I pay attention to the thoughts I think”

“I am hearing my intuition more clearly everyday”

” I reclaim my natural ability to trust my intuition”

  Thank you   Shakti Gawain… Reflections in the Light…. for these affirmation statements.

Like anything the more we practice the better skilled we can become and finding your potential to become peaceful simply takes time and dedication.