We are all thinking every waking moment of our lives.

Thoughts are what give us that push along to engage and to take action in daily activities. Thoughts give us great insights of reflection and can generate wonderful ideas.

Our creative self relies on thoughts that we manifiest and even our desires or things we want to bring more into our lives can be planted as seeds in the form of a ‘Sankalpa’ or ‘Affirmation’.

I wonder if when we dream this is the subconsious mind thinking? Can we cultivate Positive thoughts in our dream state?

As we practice Yoga and in our classes the journey into the present moment often begins by Observing the body, Observing the breath, and of course Observing the thoughts.

One of the things I like to ask my students to do when they begin a Yoga practice ( including Meditations) is:

What are you thinking about?

What are the quality of your thoughts?

Are your thoughts weighing you down? Are your thoughts lifting you up?

Is it possible to allow ourselves to step away from overthinking or dwelling on thoughts that are heavy and dull?

Like anything else in life we get into habits and ways of being that can be challenging t0 manage.

So working to uplift the quality of thoughts and as much as possible find the positives amongst the heavy or negative could be a helpful solution. Its not always easy!

I find the first step in this process is Observing when you are overthinking or focusing on the negative.

Once you have noticed you are then in a better position to redirect and / or let go of what you don’t need right now.

Letting go of what is not serving your ‘best self’

Give it a go:

Observe, Accept and then Let Go!!