• 10 MAR 15
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    40 days of Yoga Challenge

    As Cathy and I sat having a chat after a Saturday morning Yoga class, the idea of using social media as a way to encourage students of yoga to practice 1 yoga pose a day for 40 consecutive days was ‘born’. The concept of embedding a habit ( in this case a good one) is

    • 08 FEB 15
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    Knock the ‘t’ off Can’t …. means we CAN

    We often under estimate our true potential. Thinking that the ego must be kept under control and dwelling on negative thoughts and self doubt. Do you remember some years ago when The American President, Barack Obama in one of his presidential speeches told the world ‘Yes we CAN’ ? It took the American Nation into

    • 23 JAN 15
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    Happiness….the key to life!

    We are so focused on goals, results and outcomes that we forget the simple fact that being happy is out biggest draw card. Happiness is the key to having a life that is full and joyful. Make a list of all the words that you can think of that may define those positive feelings of

    • 14 JAN 15
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    Are You Ready for Yoga?

    For your better health and wellbeing. Let’s hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday break filled with joy and happiness. I noticed over the holiday period I became a little lazy, sleeping in a bit longer than I usually do and finding myself becoming a little sluggish. This happens to many of us

    • 29 DEC 14
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    Moving Forward to the New Year: 2015

    As we farewell 2014 and welcome the new year, it is time to reflect on the year that has past ! Or is it more useful to turn your attention to the future and generate the positive energy for what lies ahead? I guess there is no right answer, we are all on a different

    • 28 SEP 14
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    We all need to stretch… but why?

    We all need to stretch… but why?

    Benefits of Stretching Decreases injuries Helps you loose weight Reduces stress Improves posture It feels good It is also a most effective way of exploring ourselves and our inner states. When you stretch, if you pay attention the flood of sensory feedback is so strong that you will not be able to think of anything