Changing from one state or condition to another.

We have possibly experienced and in fact, still living a life where we might feel stuck, limited and even heavy with the weight of restrictions. This Covid world has ‘cramped’ our style in a very big way but I received an email last night from a theatre company in Sydney saying with huge confidence that their shows will begin again from October 18th. Yes!!! They seem to have been told details and dates that I am not aware of so that means we will soon be:


Think about the following Synonyms:

Change, movement, passage, transformation, conversion, adaptation, metamorphosis, adjustment, evolution, changeover, shift, switch, jump/leap.

Transitions usually define a process of change- like the catapillar coming out from their chrysalis maturing and unfolding into a beautiful butterfly….. this is how I feel about this time in my life after our forced time of hibernation!

Let’s focus on the positive synonyms:

  • Transformation
  • Metamorphosis
  • Evolution
  • Growth

We can resist changes in life or we can jump and leap into our new state and embrace our new way of being. A new approach, a different view.

Transitions are about the movement and progression onwards , We don’t make any transition ‘back’ we can only move forward as we transform.

So, as we travel the road ahead and navigate from A to B and we must accept that not all journeys are smooth however, look for opportunities along the way.

Follow the signs that say

Next Exit: Peacefulness

Peacefulness is not many kilometres and great distances away.

Peacefulness is 3 Conscious breaths ….. not far away!

  • Take a comfortable position
  • Take your breath as your focus
  • Count the breath IN and OUT
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

Now leap with faith into the day ahead with confidence and excitement.