Its not always about the Body Posture!

I have been reading some articles about the Yoga and the Creativity link.

It seems that there are many artists, authors and scientists ( all of us really) who find that regular yoga practice increases the potential to create.

Producing some amazing results and doing so by stepping back from the habit of over thinking and I guess, not trying too hard.

Those who practice yoga understand that connecting to the body, mind, breath assists us to completely absorb in the present moment. Not looking back or jumping ahead into the future. This brings us into a very mindful state where all other distractions simply and easily fall away.

It is in these moments of stillness and clarity that inspiration may flow.

During a yoga class either with your teacher or at home, it is quite usual to become very intune with how we feel. We learn to embody the sensations in the body and learn the skills in visualisation. We move the body with breath and let our minds become totally focused in this mindful way.

As we become more perceptive in our yoga practice—by examining our thoughts, movements, and breath—we become more perceptive in other areas of life too.

At the end of the day practicing Yoga gives us opportunities to become the observer of our whole self, stepping out of the ‘head space’ and just be totally ‘connected’.

Even as I teach my classes I become totally absorbed in the experience of giving to others and Yoga delivers another dimension of absorption.

Hope that you might consider yoga as a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself and how you feel on and off the mat.

The benefits will flow into so many domains and parts of your life.

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