Yin Yoga Workshop

Enjoy the deep relaxing releases in our Yin Postures.

  • 1hr 30mins class of the deep relaxing Yin Postures.
  • $25
  • Uniting Church Hall Pymble – Gilmore Room
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What to Expect

In this 1 hr 30min workshop we will enjoy the deep relaxing releases that we have come to enjoy in these Yin Postures.

Yin Yoga has become increasingly popular as a stand alone approach to the general practice of Yoga. People around the world are seeking out Yin as their preferred Yoga class.

Yin is a very similar style to the Restorative Yoga but it does have differences. We use familiar postures with additional props for support if required to protect weak or injured areas and sometimes, for some postures no propping is required. The postures are held from anywhere between 3-15 minutes.

The more experienced the longer the hold, but we will begin with 3-5 minutes.

Each session will include a 20 minute Yoga Nidra.

What You Will Learn

There are 3 main principles of Yin Yoga.

  • Come to the chosen pose to an appropriate edge to feel a stretch safely.
  • We become still and allow gravity to soften the muscle tissue
  • We stay a while and use our meditation skills and breathing techniques to help us really let go of held tension.

Yin Yoga will give you the opportunity to do less Physically so you stay longer in a posture and therefore gain the therapeutic benefits of letting the muscle tissues relax. The mindfulness approach with breath awareness whilst within the postures allows us to go even deeper. Both Physically and Emotionally.

During the workshop we will overview the oriental concepts of Meridians and Chi and discover that Yin Yoga can be viewed as ‘acupuncture with out needles’

We would love you to join us as we give you an experience that will change your approach to doing less, to gain more.

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