Lately, I have been focusing on lifting my personal ‘Frequency’ and Energy. We often hear about Lifting our Vibration! Which for a long time I  thought sounded  a little ” Woo Woo”!

But, Remember the work of Scientist Albert Einstein, he said…. ‘Everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds’.

He went on to discover that all things are vibrating…. living matter (molecules) and non living matter, even  your thoughts and your emotions.

Everything  vibrating at at different rates, some faster and some slower.

Everything in life is vibration. – Albert Einstein

To put this into perspective and in concepts that resonate consider how you feel from day to day. Some days you might feel uplifted ( high, fast vibrations) and other days you might feel depleted ( low, slow vibrations). This also relates to how you communicate to others and to yourself in the form of your thoughts (self talk).

There are many things that we can do  to keep  personal frequency high, and these are some of the things that keep me feeling Energised and ‘up’

These include:

Cultivating Gratitude: for even the little things in life and of course the big things.

Creating Sankalpas:  ( affirmations and intentions) This illustrates how to lift the vibrations of your mind    “What you think about, you become, and each thought you think creates your future”

Read my post about Sankalpas Here

Eating Healthy Foods: makes sense to fill up with the ‘good stuff’ and avoid too much ‘fun food’….. but of course we have to have some fun!

Meditation practices: Increasing my personal practices to include more frequent opportunities to step back and become still, mindful breathing and present moment focus.

 ‘The past and the future are only in your mind; the only truth is now’.

I practice Yoga Nidra every day and it has lifted me higher than I could have thought possible.

Breathing Practices: I use the breath as tool when I start to feel uptight and along side Meditation and Yoga practice the breath is the most powerful way to energise, relax and still your mind.

Walking: If I cannot find the time to walk in nature I dig up weeds in the garden ( improvise). ahahah

Sound and Music, media and movies: Selecting what resonates and keeps you ‘up’! Very personal here, so what is it that makes you smile and feel good?

Friends that have your back: Surround yourself with equally positive people that are vibrating high… just like you!

Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. – Robin S. Sharma

Naturally, I include daily yoga practice, on the mat, moving between poses and feeling the life force moving around the whole body. Sometimes I take a pose outside and look up to the sky between the garden around me and that is another thing to be grateful for……

Remember, your personal practice  can be as little as 10 mins a day but a brilliant way to “uplift”.

Will you join me in continuing the journey ‘Up’?