• Observing Your Thoughts

    Observing Your Thoughts

    We are all thinking every waking moment of our lives. Thoughts are what give us that push along to engage and to take action in daily activities. Thoughts give us great insights of reflection and can generate wonderful ideas. Our creative self relies on thoughts that we manifiest and even our desires or things we

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  • Yoga for Sparking Creativity:

    Yoga for Sparking Creativity:

    Its not always about the Body Posture! I have been reading some articles about the Yoga and the Creativity link. It seems that there are many artists, authors and scientists ( all of us really) who find that regular yoga practice increases the potential to create. Producing some amazing results and doing so by stepping

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  • Easing Back To Yoga and Life

    Easing Back To Yoga and Life

    Stepping out after a time of ‘turning inwards’ might feel a little strange and new. Its been so long since we had our last Yoga Classes and all our routines have been altered and changed. What a journey we have all been on! If you are like me you might have set up some excellent

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  • Transitions


    Changing from one state or condition to another. We have possibly experienced and in fact, still living a life where we might feel stuck, limited and even heavy with the weight of restrictions. This Covid world has ‘cramped’ our style in a very big way but I received an email last night from a theatre

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  • Gratitude!


    I recently recorded a Gratitude themed Yoga Nidra Practice. Inspiration came from a friend who requested this themed session and I looked to a text Moments of Stillness – Sister Stan. I always find just what I need in this book and it was gifted to me by one of my yoga students many years

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  • Observe your Serenity

    Observe your Serenity

    As we go about our ‘day to day’ activities: work, play, home etc isn’t it usually the  way that we do things automatically and operate on ‘auto pilot’? I guess that is quite normal especially as we do the same things over and over again we get caught up in the habitual mindlessness and tasks

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  • Embrace Impermanence….

    Embrace Impermanence….

    We have to nourish our insight into impermanence everyday. If we do, we live more deeply, suffer less, and enjoy life much more – Thich Nhat Hahn A theme for a Yoga Nidra practice that I delivered recently was focusing on Impermanence and how life is fast and fleeting and change part of our world.

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  • The Winds of Change

    The Winds of Change

    Well! It has been a while since writing and so….. here I sit in my mothers study/bedroom a short ‘home stay’  as I transition to my new living space (apartment), it is a good time to let all the changes that have happened around me settle. Time to let go of what ‘used’ to be

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  • Observing your Inner Dialogue

    Observing your Inner Dialogue

    I was listening to a Sydney radio presenter yesterday who invited his listeners to call in and explain what kind of  inner Conversations they had. Some callers rang in and said that they are always having conversations with themselves inside their own heads and others said they didn’t. Some people mentioned they had conversations with

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  • Uplift your Frequency

    Uplift your Frequency

    Lately, I have been focusing on lifting my personal ‘Frequency’ and Energy. We often hear about Lifting our Vibration! Which for a long time I  thought sounded  a little ” Woo Woo”! But, Remember the work of Scientist Albert Einstein, he said…. ‘Everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds’.

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